A Geophysical Service Company for Processing, Interpretation and Management of Data

PROSeis Ltd. (PRS) follows three major steps in its relations with Customers. Not only do these give our company a competitive edge but they also serve as motivation for all of us.

Since its very beginning PRS has been using some of the most state-of-the-art specialized software and hardware configurations which enable us to perform our job to the best of our abilities. Our experts keep improving the quality of our products on a day-to-day basis and do their utmost to employ the overall potential and capacity of the systems.  In project implementation we seek to apply all new and proven technologies and techniques available on the market. Using modern software products combined with the rich experience of our team we manage to mitigate the risk that may emerge during oil and gas exploration operations.

PRS is a company entirely guided by innovative thinking and mainly focused on the development of new technologies and their applications in our projects. The Management of the company is comprised of highly knowledgeable individuals, passionate about the business and with firsthand experience in their focus areas. We believe that our frankness and professionalism are the key to long term partnership with our Customers. We do our best to satisfy all technological requirements of our clients and provide them with the best solutions.

The PRS loyal policy to Customers, its strict Confidentiality with regard to data and results, the creative thinking of the Management and our experts and, last but not least, the attractive and competitive price unleash new horizons to all Petroleum and E&P companies around the globe. The ambition of the PRS is to provide the solution to any issue regardless of the price and the efforts in the name of the good relationship with our clients. We believe that this is the nature of loyal business and our motivation for work.